The name of the river running through Mackay, Queensland, gives an indication of the special feeling you get in this exciting city. The river is 'the Pioneer' - and you'll feel the vibe on touchdown at Mackay airport.

Mackay is one of the regional capitals flexing muscles in the new order of the Queensland and Australian economies. But it still imparts a sense of anticipation - of being on the edge of vast territory that's waiting for you to explore.

Mackay City Council must have been one of the nation's busiest local authorities during the growth phase as the city's economic power from primary industries drew attention of, not only tourism and service industry entrepreneurs, but also people simply wanting to enjoy the Mackay weather in their own home.

Talking about weather, the Mackay radar on Mt Bassett plays an important role in the Bureau of Meteorology network.

But back on the ground, heritage authorities also have had an eye on the Mackay map and the Mackay Council. That beautiful river, for instance, has features with a special place in the nation's history.

Now you know a little about the city, let's look at the possibilities for your Mackay holidays.

Mackay's regional territory does not just spread inland, so put 'Mackay islands' and 'Mackay beaches' on your list of 'musts'.

Brampton Island has long been a major entry point to the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday island group.

The Whitsundays' image as a tropical paradise now sits beside that of a vibrant and modern tropical city, Mackay, Australia.


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